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Anonymous asked: Hi! So I just read your note-taking tip, and I was curious to see if recording devices were allowed? I think that would be pretty productive! Recording their lesson and looking over your notes later to see what you missed. Would that be allowed, do you think?

even though recording devices sound like the greatest idea in the world, they are advised against because of privacy issues with the professor. if they are unaware that you are recording their lectures and they find out from a different source, they can try to get you in trouble with the university for intruding on their personal privacy.

if you wish to record the lectures, i would ask the professor/lecturer at the beginning of the semester/class periods if they would be okay with you doing that. otherwise, i’d advise against recording lectures. 


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Anonymous asked: What to do/who to talk to if you lose your financial aid?

i actually don’t receive any type of financial aid, but according to what the internet says you should go talk to your school’s Office of Financial Aid! 

A College Tips video!


Once I come back from Memorial Day weekend, I am planning to record a video for the blog!

As a request, I will be talking about absolutely bombing my first semester in college and how I got back on track to where I am now in school, and also what I did coming back after my freshman year.

What I…