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Anonymous asked: To the anon asking if changing in front of your roommate is awkward, it is but it's also necessary. If you have community bathrooms, you'll eventually get used to the lack of privacy and is really not as bad as you think. Invest in a quality robe!

^ this! robes are also the best.

( thanks for your additional comment c: )

Anonymous asked: Hey so i'm going to be a freshman in college this september and i'm quite scared because i'm going to be one year younger than everyone (they made an exception for me due to my grades) so have you got any tips? And i'm going to have an roommate (i'm a girl) and i just wanted to know how is getting changed going to work, like after you come out of the shower and stuff i mean isn't that awkward? Especially if you don't know her very well

hi! that’s kind of really cool that you got into college early for your grades! so congrats! :D

as for the getting changed thing, i suggest taking the clothes you’ll be wearing into the bathroom before you shower. that way, you won’t have to walk out into the bedroom/common room. it really isn’t as awkward as you’re imagining it’s going to be, as she’ll have to do it to. it’s a necessary factor when living with someone else, but you’ll get used to it i promise.

Anonymous asked: hi, i know this is for undergraduates but i just wanted to get ahead of the game. Im an in coming Junior in highschool and wanted to know what i should do to get in to good colleges and how i should be appealing to them? I have started a club and played soccer on 1 team since 6th grade. I am taking 1 AP class and maybe another 1 next year. What do ou think i should do to upper my chances?

it depends on what colleges you’re looking at to get into, as every college has different requirements. some colleges ask for you to write an essay on a specific topic (volunteering, how you have made yourself a better student, etc), while others just look for extraordinary GPAs and ACT scores. 

the ACT is pretty dang important, so i would start thinking about perhaps getting a study book to prepare for the ACT. colleges look for high ACT scores, but that’s not the only factor that helps you get in. i’m friends with a girl who got a 15 on the ACT, and she was able to get into the University that i’m at now and i got a 22 on the ACT. so it varies from person to person.

extracurriculars are good, as colleges like to see that you’re involved outside of academics as well.

i hope this has helped! good luck to you!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I start moving in to school in a couple of weeks and I did not buy a single thing yet. Do you think i waited to long? What do you think I should buy?

hi! i don’t think that you waited too long, most people start buying stuff only a few weeks in advance to move in day (sometimes even ON move in day) just for the sake of having space in their actual homes. 

while i’m not sure where you live, Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond have college back-to-school shopping lists with an entire checklist of everything (plus a little extra) you’ll ever need in the dorms. i would check that out!

i also have a back-to-school list of supplies on my tumblr actually, which you can find here!


This summer I was crazy busy with work and getting my LAST EVER summer class out of the way. 

So I know a lot of the asks I’ve gotten I will probably be answering really really late, so I apologize with every fiber of my being!

Anonymous asked: What should I bring to class besides the required book? Will I need an actual binder? I prefer to use folders and a notebook, should that be a problem?

i guess my answer would be more helpful if i knew when you were talking about? meaning do you want to bring these things to the very beginning of class, or bring them to class after the first class period has begun.

for the first days of classes, i would just bring a notebook, a pencil/pen, and a folder to hold any syllabi/papers that your professors give you. on the first day in some classes you begin taking notes immediately, so having a notebook and pencil/pen would be essential.

for the rest of the semester, i would just bring what’s most comfortable for you. in some classes i just use a notebook and folder; in other classes i bring a notebook and binder to hold all of my notes. it’s really up to you.

Anonymous asked: Hi! So I just read your note-taking tip, and I was curious to see if recording devices were allowed? I think that would be pretty productive! Recording their lesson and looking over your notes later to see what you missed. Would that be allowed, do you think?

even though recording devices sound like the greatest idea in the world, they are advised against because of privacy issues with the professor. if they are unaware that you are recording their lectures and they find out from a different source, they can try to get you in trouble with the university for intruding on their personal privacy.

if you wish to record the lectures, i would ask the professor/lecturer at the beginning of the semester/class periods if they would be okay with you doing that. otherwise, i’d advise against recording lectures. 


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