Tips written for the undergraduate student

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Anonymous asked: Can you make a YouTube channel? And give college tips and tricks in a video that would be awesome

hmm i never thought about doing that. i don’t know what i would do for videos, though!


I’ve updated the Textbooks page, as Slugbooks has changed how you search for textbooks.

I recommend using the College Problems textbook website if you want to search by your course number/professor. Otherwise, Slugbooks is perfectly good to use if you have received your class syllabus already.


You will spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on textbooks at your school bookstore. There’s a good chance you will never open that book again after the first week of classes. My freshman year of college, I spent $600 a SEMESTER on textbooks from the school bookstore. That’s $1,200 A YEAR on textbooks.

Today I used the College Problems Textbooks link (seen on the Textbooks page), and I will be spending a little over $40 on textbooks this spring semester. ONLY $40!!! Compared to $600 a semester, that’s pocket change.

I wouldn’t recommend buying textbooks online if I didn’t think it was beneficial. You will save THOUSANDS of dollars buying your textbooks online throughout your college career.

Anonymous asked: I was supposed to fly back today and now I'm going to be late getting back because of the stupid airlines. I won't get back in time before classes start. Am I screwed, as I'm already starting two days behind everyone ends?

i don’t believe so, no. if i were you, i would email all of my professors explaining my situation, and that i would see them during the next expected course period. the classes will just be introducing the syllabi, basically what you experienced the first week of your first semester.

once you do get back to school, just talk to your professors explaining that you were the one who emailed them, and get any paperwork and information you need to get the semester going. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, my name is Sarah I'm going to college in the fall of 2014. And I'm super nervous. I haven't got accepted to any college yet and I feel like it's too late because mostly ever person in my senior class got an acceptance letter. It's kind of hard to find a college best fit for me because I have a hearing disabilty (40% of my hearing is lost) and I want to find a college best fit for me but also want to fit in.. Any advice?

hi! i don’t remember when i got my acceptance letters, but i believe it was around this time. i know it seems worrisome, but don’t sweat it! yours will be coming soon.

as for the hearing disability, all colleges will have some type of accommodation for you (do to the ADA). i wouldn’t worry too much about finding the college that’s a best first for you due to that fact. i would be looking for the colleges that you feel the most comfortable at. even at this point, i would suggest touring campus’s that you haven’t considered going to.

i hope this has helped a little. good luck!

One of my friends graduated in (technically) 3.5 years. I’ll be in school for 5. My other friend will also graduate in 5. One of my roommates will be in school at least 6 years.
Everybody graduates at a different pace. It’s just what program you end up being in, plus how much you want to cram in during a semester.
Me and my roommates threw a halloween party a few months ago. one of our friends brought about 8 girls (all freshmen) with him. I’m not saying that their being freshmen is what caused this, but that their not experienced with throwing the parties themselves.
ANYWAYS me and a roommate found two of these girls locked in our upstairs bathroom. We were both livid. One of their friends actually had to pick the lock and break into our own bathroom, where we found them sitting in our tub.
Don’t be disrespectful, because you will get thrown out. These girls were gone pretty quick after that.
I got my long North Face coat my freshman year, and I still wear it to this day.
You don’t need a North Face or any other name brand coat. Just a good, insulated coat that will keep you warm during any frigid snowy months.
Not skipping class has more advantages than it seems: some professors give extra credit at the end of the semester if you never once skipped their class. I got an extra 10 points in my art history class for not ever skipping, and sometimes those 10 points can mean the difference between a C+ and a B-.